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BUNKER HILL - State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) will host an open house at his Bunker Hill office in conjuction with the Christmas Walk sponsored by the Bunker Hill Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, Dec. 7.

What: District Office Open Hours & Christmas Walk sponsored
When: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7
Where: 115 N. Washington St., Bunker Hill
Who: Event is open to the public

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The following guest column by Senator Andy Manar was published in the Alton Telegraph on Nov. 21, as well as in other area newspapers.


This summer, my colleagues and I traveled the state to talk to regular citizens affected by the skyrocketing cost of insulin, a crippling financial burden for thousands of families in Illinois, and to garner support for legislation to make Illinois the second state in the country to cap the price of insulin. We knew it would be a tough fight against powerful special interests, which is why grassroots supporters from all across Illinois who spoke up against the abuses of the pharmaceutical, pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), and insurance industries were so critical.

Last week, the overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans in the legislature came together and approved Senate Bill 667, which caps the price of insulin at $100 per month, sending a clear message that our state will no longer allow the industry unfettered profiteering that takes advantage of people living with diabetes by charging exorbitant prices for life-saving insulin.

Make no mistake: this landmark moment would not have happened without the brave individuals who stepped up and shared their stories and the ordinary people, of all ages, in every corner of the state who picked up the phone to tell their legislators to support the bill.

At a time when public trust in the democratic process is dwindling and wealthy special interests seem to have an increasingly firm grip on public policy outcomes, the passage of Senate Bill 667 is a clear reminder of what regular people can achieve through grassroots advocacy.

Grassroots advocacy isn’t simply a feature of our democracy. It’s a fundamental pillar of a government designed to work for all of its citizens.

Ordinary working-class people don’t have deep networks of lobbyists in the Capitol looking out for our interests. Our influence lies in our collective voice, and it’s up to us to demand change when the status quo is no longer working.

While Senate Bill 667 is a monumental step forward, the cost of insulin is only one small piece of a deeply flawed prescription drug industry that is set up to maximize profits at the expense of working families. We must follow the example of Senate Bill 667 and continue the fight to ensure that all Illinois families, not just those with diabetes, are never again forced to ration or go without life-saving medication.

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Manar04022017The Rauner administration signed a five-year, $2.4 million lease for warehouse space in Springfield that it could have purchased for $750,000, a key Senate budget committee learned Tuesday.

The wasteful taxpayer-funded lease is a direct consequence of the governor’s refusal to propose and negotiate a state budget for a third straight year.

“There is a cost associated with failing to budget and with planning on the fly like this,” said Senator Andy Manar, a Bunker Hill Democrat and one of the Senate’s two appropriations committee chairmen. “This contract is a perfect example of how all Illinois taxpayers and their children eventually will pay a hefty price for Gov. Rauner’s inability to manage the state of Illinois in a reasonable, responsible manner.”

The contract was inked by the state’s Central Management Services on behalf of the Department of Human Services because DHS was desperate for a secure location to store records. According to testimony provided during Tuesday’s hearing:

  • DHS had been storing records in a state-owned building in Dwight, but it was not being maintained in a way that ensured the records were safe.
  • CMS put out for bid three times the need for warehouse space before settling on the Springfield location. Only two landlords responded – apparently a sign of property managers’ reluctance to do business with the state of Illinois, which is more than $12.6 billion behind in paying vendors.
  • The market value of the Springfield property is $1.1 million, and it could have been purchased by the state for $750,000; however, CMS is unable to purchase property at this time because of the lack of a state budget.
  • The Rauner administration continues to sign contracts with companies throughout Illinois while knowing there is no money appropriated in the budget to pay those companies.
  • DHS, with a green light from the governor’s office, handed out a total of $11 million in one-time bonuses to certain employees, even though Gov. Rauner suspended funding for autism, sexual assault, domestic violence and other programs.
  • The bonuses were distributed even as Gov. Rauner continues to object to state-authorized raises for direct-support employees who earn $9 per hour working for severely disabled individuals.

“I am troubled by all of this on so many levels, but ultimately what we have here is just another day of the governor making promises he can’t keep and refusing to do the job he was elected to do,” Manar said. “In other words, it’s business as usual for the Rauner administration.”

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