03072018 Manar CC LEAD 650

SPRINGFIELD — Senator Andy Manar welcomed the Christian County LEADership Academy to the Illinois Capitol.

Members of the LEAD organization — a project of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce and the Christian County University of Illinois Extension — visited March 7.

Christian County LEAD started in 2005. It's an annual program for community leaders who want to become better informed about issues and learn how to use their skills and talents to improve business prospects, family life and their environment. The organization encourages networking, personal growth and enhanced interpersonal skills. The program has more than 200 graduates.

"It's a great program that the chamber runs, and I'm proud to host them every year. Just for about 45 minutes to an hour in the state Senate, and we just have a nice dialogue," Manar told WTIM radio in Taylorville about the group's visit.

"One of the good things about the job is you get to see people in the Senate in the role in Springfield and show them that it's not always just a partisan morass, that there are ways to get along and to advance issues that are important to both Democrats and Republicans."

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