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State Senator Andy Manar met with representatives from area hospitals at the Capitol Thursday to learn more about initiatives they’ve undertaken to improve the quality of care they offer their patients, families and communities.

Thursday was the Illinois Hospital Association Quality Advocacy Showcase, now in its third year. Leaders from more than 90 hospitals and health systems statewide were on hand for the event.

Manar spoke with Mandy Sebeschak, respiratory services team leader, and Amanda Payne, performance excellence internal champion, from Hillsboro Area Hospital (pictured above) about an initiative at the hospital to prepare employees for what to do in an emergency involving an armed intruder.

04122018 Manar Hospitals 4 350Employees engaged in a realistic drill and learned such things as how to determine when to evacuate or when to hide, where to meet after evacuating the building, where to hide when sheltering in place, and what to arm themselves with while hiding.

Sebeschak and Payne said the hospital invested $3,000 in the training for an estimated savings of $18 million.

Manar also met with a representative of St. John’s Hospital about its initiatives to reduce health care-related Clostridium difficle infections.

And he learned from Kristy Cesaretti (pictured below), emergency department nurse manager at Taylorville Memorial Hospital, about the hospital’s efforts to manage aggressive patient behavior in the emergency department.

Additional hospitals in Senate District 48 represented at the showcase include:

  • St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield – eliminating health care-associated infections for 24 months;
  • St. Mary’s Hospital in Decatur – reducing falls for high-risk patients;
  • Hospital Sisters Health System – improving acute stroke care;
  • Memorial Medical Center in Springfield – reducing the length of stay with an expedited therapy consultation;
  • Memorial Medical Center Comprehensive Stroke Center – improving care for stroke patients across central Illinois;
  • Memorial Behavioral Health – improving access to appropriate behavioral health services; and
  • Memorial Health System – engaging patients and families in their care.


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