SPRINGFIELD — Illinois public schools under attack by the Rauner administration, as evidenced by the contents of the governor's veto of Senate Bill 1, the landmark school funding reform legislation that has the support of thousands of school superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, advocates, community groups, public officials and taxpayers.

"Gov. Rauner has said that he wanted to 'make it a better bill.' What he is doing, make no mistake, from his veto language is waging an all-out attack on public education in the state of Illinois," Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) told reporters during a news conference Thursday at the Illinois Capitol.

"He is using the veto power of the executive branch to attack public education. Over time, the provisions outlined in Gov. Rauner's veto would cause the state to divest from public education at historic levels and starve public schools. The first on the plate are the ones that are the darkest shade of orange (on the maps displayed at the news conference)."

Manar noted that, at the same time, Rauner is asking for a $100 million voucher program, one that is not funded and has not had a single public hearing, in exchange for continuing discussions on Senate Bill 1 to reach final compromise.

"So this is not about fixing Senate Bill 1. This is about doing what he wants to do, which is to divest in public education through the mechanism of an amendatory veto."

Watch the entire news conference below.

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