More than $563,000 in new money funneled to Litchfield classrooms in just two years

05172018 Manar Interview 350LITCHFIELD – Litchfield-area families will continue to benefit from Illinois’ new school funding formula, which guarantees an added $246,179 for the school year that is getting underway, State Senator Andy Manar said today.

That means the new formula will have pumped more than $563,000 in additional money into Litchfield public schools during its first two years on the books and nearly $1.2 million additional into Montgomery County’s four public school districts combined.

“Long underfunded school districts are finally getting the attention and the state support they’ve been starved of for too many years,” said Manar, a Bunker Hill Democrat and the driving force behind passage of the new school funding formula.

“I am delighted the evidence-based model is working as we expected it would. It’s exciting to learn about the growth and innovation happening in our classrooms because of this new, equitable approach to funding education.”

Many school districts are rehiring teachers and counselors who were laid off because of budget constraints, reinstating vital programs, creating innovative new learning programs, and establishing much-needed stability so they can budget for the future.

Under the evidence-based model, no schools receive less money than they did the previous year, and the previous year’s new money becomes part of the current year’s base funding. This allows long-underfunded schools to achieve adequate funding over time without penalizing schools that have already had adequate funding.

Last year – the first year under the new formula – Litchfield CUSD 12 received $317,159 in new, additional money under the evidence-based model, bringing its total state funding to more than $5.5 million.

This school year, the district will receive an additional $246,179 in new money under the evidence-based model, bringing its total state funding for the year to nearly $5.8 million, according to the Illinois State Board of Education.

Montgomery County school districts will receive more than a half-million dollars in additional funding under Year 2 of the new formula for 2018-2019:

  • Hillsboro CUSD 3 — $127,546 in new money | $4.58 million total state contribution
  • Nokomis CUSD 22 — $105,717 in new money | $2.88 million total state contribution
  • Panhandle CUSD 2 — $21,979 in new money | $1.17 million total state contribution

In all, public school districts in the 48th Senate District will receive nearly $5.8 million in new money this year under the new formula. Added to last year’s total of about $8 million, public schools represented by Manar have received nearly $14 million in new money in just two years.

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