Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) issued the following statement calling on the governor to personally join school funding talks and bring with him his secret revisions to a historic school funding plan. His comments are in response to the governor’s statement today that there should be negotiations among lawmakers on how to change the school funding plan.

“Lawmakers have been negotiating. This proposal reflects compromise. That’s how we got this far. That’s how the governor got 90 percent of what he wants. I’m happy to participate in new discussions, but what we need is the governor to personally participate and show everyone what it is that he now demands.

“We’ve worked with his administration to assemble this historic proposal, but I’ve yet to work directly with him. That’s why we’ve been trying to get a meeting with the governor to make sure he understands what this legislation does, the opportunity he has and what an amendatory veto likely means.

“As sponsor of the legislation, I am asking the governor to personally participate in these negotiations. It’s time that he step out of the shadows with the proposal he wants, roll up his sleeves and work with us.

“A veto from the governor only protects the status quo. The status quo is unacceptable. One way or another, we are going to deliver change. If the governor does not come forward to show and explain his threatened veto, I will have little choice but to file an override motion as soon as that veto arrives in the Senate.”

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SPRINGFIELD – Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) issued the following statement on Gov. Rauner’s call for a special session:

"Calling a special session to address school funding reform is a wasteful gimmick the governor is using to distract from the real issue. The real issue is that the governor refuses to reveal what alleged problems he has with Senate Bill 1 and will not negotiate in good faith.

“Rather than waste taxpayer dollars on an expensive special session, the governor should meet with the leaders to hammer out an agreement.

The governor is essentially asking the legislature to buy a house without inspecting it. We need to know the details of the governor’s amendatory veto so that we can address his concerns in a responsible manner. It’s time for the governor to stop campaigning and come forward with his plan. He owes it to the students of Illinois.”

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SPRINGFIELD – Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) issued the following statement in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s media event in Auburn today:

“One can easily argue that Senate Bill 1 is perhaps the most scrutinized proposal in legislative history. After all those hearings, printouts, debates and reviews, the education leaders of Illinois overwhelmingly said it is the best way forward.

“Now, Gov. Rauner comes along with a secret plan. No one has seen it. He won’t tell us where he gets his numbers. His alleged problems with our proposal seem to change from news conference to news conference. How about a simple meeting of legislative leaders and education negotiators to discuss Senate Bill 1 rather than order expensive special sessions? He hasn’t done that this year or, for that matter, since taking office.

“Bruce Rauner wants to be known as the education governor. He promised to overhaul the state’s worst-in-the-nation funding system. Senate Bill 1 gives the governor the chance to honor his promise and be the governor he wants to be. When that reality finally sinks in on Gov. Rauner, we will send him Senate Bill 1 and look forward to the signing ceremony.”

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Manar07122017SPRINGFIELD – An angry, knee-jerk veto promised by Gov. Bruce Rauner could set Illinois schools and students back another two decades, Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) said Thursday, urging the governor to choose rational compromise over divisive rhetoric.

“School funding reform is a critically important issue for Illinois. For 20 years, people have invested their time, their sweat and their tears into building bridges, overcoming regional divides and collaborating on ideas so we can fix our broken school funding formula,” Manar said. “Gov. Rauner is going to set the clock back another 20 years if he follows through on his promise to veto Senate Bill 1.”

Manar is the sponsor of Senate Bill 1, a school funding reform overhaul that is widely supported by school superintendents, educators, advocates and professional and community organizations statewide.
Rauner has called Senate Bill 1 a “bailout” of Chicago Public Schools and this week is demanding that the legislation be sent to him so he can veto it. Lawmakers have put a hold on the legislation to protect it from a possible veto until Rauner calms himself and indicates he is prepared to act rationally about the landmark reform measure.

“Gov. Rauner is in no position to criticize anyone. He repeatedly has dropped the ball when it comes doing the right thing for Illinois public schools,” Manar said. “He vetoed the budget that ensured state support for schools. He failed to follow his own school funding reform commission’s recommendations, and now he’s planning to veto an overhaul of our unfair school funding formula.”

Manar called on the governor to negotiate with lawmakers about what he would like changed in Senate Bill 1 to make it more likely that he will sign it. That’s the responsible approach given everything that’s riding on its success, he said.

He also urged the governor to tone down the rhetoric.

“The oldest trick in the playbook is to show up in a downstate community and say, ‘Those people are the reason why you don’t have the things you need in your community.’ I’ve seen in a hundred times,” Manar said. “I’m not going to let Gov. Rauner’s divisive argument about geography derail school funding reform. We’ve come too far to let that happen.”

Category: School Funding Reform

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