001010813br0213edCrSPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Senate on Thursday rejected House Speaker Mike Madigan’s (D–Democrat) pension reform proposal.

“Senate Bill 1 saves nothing,” Manar said. “It saves nothing because it is unconstitutional. We are all well aware that something has to be done to fix our state’s massively underfunded pension systems but this is not a solution. This is a breach of contract and a broken promise, a promise we made to our teachers, firefighters, police and corrections officers that when they retire, they would have a pension. And now we have lawmakers who are willing to go back on that promise. These are our neighbors and our friends. They are not just numbers on a page and we need to stop treating them like they are.”

“I’ve said for a year that a reasonable solution has to be negotiated with union leaders,” Manar said. “The Senate passed a measure that has the backing from state employee unions and most importantly, is constitutionally sound. Passing a measure that is likely to be thrown out by the courts just isn’t responsible. It won’t save any money, and we will see another year of major cuts to vital state services.”

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