ManarCrossing11292017SPRINGFIELD – Senator Andy Manar today congratulated Decatur’s Crossing Healthcare on receiving a $3 million donation to help pay for a new facility that opened in 2015 despite Gov. Bruce Rauner doing everything in his power to block promised state funding.

“Thank you to Howard Buffett for stepping in to help alleviate some of the unnecessary financial burden that Crossing was forced to endure. Mr. Buffett's generosity continues to change Decatur for the better, and he should be commended for all he has done,” said Manar, a Bunker Hill Democrat who represents much of Decatur, including Crossing Healthcare.

“Gov. Rauner appears to have conveniently forgotten the role he played in Crossing’s misfortune. I’ll help him remember.

“He froze its funding immediately upon taking office in 2015, blocked negotiations on last year’s ‘grand bargain’ and repeatedly vetoed state budgets that would have provided the money the center was due and desperately needed – money that was sitting idly in a state bank account.”

Crossing Healthcare was among the 14 federally qualified health centers and hospitals in Senate District 48 that Manar visited in November to learn more about the challenges and needs facing health care providers in central Illinois.

The continued delay in capital construction dollars from the state for the 2015 facility and the financial difficulty it created for Crossing, which served more than 19,000 patients in 2016, were significant concerns that were discussed during the senator’s visit.

“It takes a lot of nerve to do what the governor did today – and by ‘nerve’ I don’t mean bravery,” Manar said. “Gov. Rauner seems to not understand the connection between his actions as governor, being in charge of the state of Illinois, and press conferences like the one in Decatur today.”

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Speech was light on specifics, laden with platitudes

ManarSOTS01312018SPRINGFIELD – Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) released the following statement reacting to the governor’s fourth State of the State address to the General Assembly today:

“I heard a disappointing speech that was light on specifics and played more toward politics than problem-solving. Gov. Rauner offered no plan for job creation in parts of the state that have not benefitted from jobs recently even though the general economy is improving.

“As for his call that we all roll up our sleeves and work together, I see no evidence that he understands what ‘bipartisan’ actually means and what it takes to set that in motion. It takes more than words to achieve bipartisan cooperation. It requires trust building, one-on-one conversations and spending enormous amounts of time building relationships.

“We’re three years into this governor’s term, and he hasn’t done one of those things with lawmakers in all that time. To set those things in motion in his fourth years is going to be an enormous challenge. I wish him luck, because that’s what it will take to begin solving problems. But this speech did nothing toward that effort.”

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Manar supported bipartisan measure slashing startup, filing fees

SmallBiz 350BUNKER HILL – Small and mid-sized businesses that are responsible for most of the payroll and job creation in rural Illinois will pay less in startup, annual filing and other fees this year because of a new law on the books.

The law rolls back the filing fee for small businesses to register in Illinois, reduces numerous filing fees for limited liability companies and levels the playing field between small businesses and corporations when it comes to these types of regulatory expenses.

Most of Illinois’ 1.2 million small businesses are organized as LLCs.

“Cutting fees to encourage economic growth and offer some relief to small business owners is a long-overdue move by the legislature,” said Senator Andy Manar, a Bunker Hill Democrat who voted for the bipartisan measure.

“I expect this will be a tremendous help, especially in areas like Macoupin, Montgomery and Christian counties where it can be tough to get a new business off the ground. Business owners no longer will have the added worry of paying excessive fees to the state each year.”

The fee decreases are substantial:

  • The filing fee for new LLCs dropped to $150 from $500.
  • Annual filing fees for LLCs decreased to $75 from $250.
  • Reinstatement fee dropped to $200 from $500.
  • The reserved name application fee is now $25; it was $300 previously.
  • The name transfer fee dropped to $25 from $100.
  • The amendments fee is now $50; it had been $150.

The fees went into effect Dec. 20.

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ChildLibrary 350BUNKER HILL – Seventeen local school districts will receive more than $22,000 in grants through the Illinois secretary of state’s School Library Grant program, Senator Andy Manar announced.

The grants, which are issued by the Illinois State Library, are meant to help public schools offer more library books and materials to students.

“I am pleased that so many deserving central Illinois schools will benefit from this year’s library grants,” said Manar, a Bunker Hill Democrat. “This support will go a long way toward helping school libraries offer new and updated materials as children hone their reading skills and discover the thrill of picking up a great book.”

Schools receiving school library grants include:

  • Bunker Hill Community School District 8 — $750
  • Carlinville Community Unit School District 1 — $1,073.25
  • Central A&M Community Unit District 21, Assumption — $750
  • Decatur Public Schools — $6,052.50
  • Gillespie Community Unit School District 7 — $939
  • Hillsboro Community Unit School District 3 — $1,195.50
  • Litchfield Community Unit School District 12 — $991.50
  • Mount Olive Community Unit School District 5 — $750
  • Nokomis Community Unit School District 22 — $750
  • North Mac Community Unit School District 34, Girard — $973.50
  • Pana Community Unit School District 8 — $934.50
  • Panhandle Community Unit School District 2, Raymond — $750
  • Rochester Community Unit School District 3A — $1,689
  • Sangamon Valley Community Unit School District 9, Niantic — $750
  • Southwestern Community Unit School District 9, Brighton — $1,041
  • Staunton Community Unit School District 6 — $915.75
  • Taylorville Community Unit School District 3 — $1,775.25
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