Senate committee votes to update Illinois statute for first time since 1980

Teacher350SPRINGFIELD – Ensuring teachers earn a livable minimum salary is one significant step Illinois can take to recruit more educators into rural and downstate classrooms and address the ongoing shortage, State Senator Andy Manar said today.

The Senate Education Committee approved his measure raising Illinois’ minimum mandated salary for full-time teachers for the first time since 1980.

“Fewer talented young people are going into the teaching profession for numerous reasons, one of which is pay. Would-be teachers can get a higher salary right out of college in other areas of the workforce, which his opposite of our priorities and our needs in this state,” he said.

Senate Bill 2892 updates Illinois statute by increasing the minimum mandated annual salary for full-time teachers to $40,000.

The statute has not been updated in 38 years. Currently, minimum mandated salaries are set at $11,000 for a teacher with a master’s degree, $10,000 for those with bachelor’s degrees and $9,000 for teachers with less than a bachelor’s degree.

Manar said there are teachers in his Senate district who have master’s degrees but live under the federal poverty level.

“To me, this is an issue of respect – for the teaching profession and for the credentials we ask teachers to bring to the table,” Manar said.

“Today, Illinois is investing record amounts of money in schools that tend to have the least competitive salary schedules. There are hundreds of empty classrooms all over the state in communities with enormous challenges and the highest rates of poverty because they can’t recruit teachers,” he said. “Updating Illinois’ minimum mandated teacher salary is a good place to begin addressing the problem.”

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TAYLORVILLE – State Senator Andy Manar will host traveling office hours in Taylorville the evening of April 3 to assist residents who have questions, need help navigating government red tape or have concerns about other matters.

The event is scheduled for 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 3 at the Taylorville Municipal Building, 115 N. Main St.

Appointments are encouraged but not required. To schedule a time, call Senator Manar’s Bunker Hill office at 618-585-4848. Walk-in visits also are welcome.

Constituents who need help with an issue but are unable to make it April 3 are welcome to call or visit Senator Manar’s district offices any time to speak with a staff member. The locations and phone numbers are:

  • Bunker Hill office, 115 N. Washington St. – 618-585-4848
  • Springfield office, 119A Capitol Building – 217-782-0228
  • Decatur office, Macon County Office Building, 141 S. Main St., Suite 502 – 217-429-8110
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Plan guarantees continued health care, employment in central Illinois

TMHSPRINGFIELD – The six critical access hospitals that serve Macoupin, Montgomery and Christian counties will not experience an interruption in vital federal funds under a bipartisan deal that was reached in Springfield.

The deal, signed into law by Gov. Bruce Rauner Monday in Chicago, is the framework for modernizing Illinois’ $3.5 billion Medicaid Hospital Assessment Program. The federal government must sign off on the state’s plan. The deadline is June 30.

Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) toured every hospital in Senate District 48 in November and heard grave concerns from administrators about Illinois’ proposed redesign of the assessment program and whether it would be approved and submitted for review in time.

“This program is a vital source of funding for rural hospitals that treat low-income patients and serve people who rely on the Affordable Care Act for insurance,” Manar said. “For lawmakers, failing to meet the deadline was not an option. It would have been detrimental to hospitals all over Illinois.”

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03082018 Truth in Hiring Graphic 650

Measure sponsored by Manar requires governors to be accountable for their own payroll

SPRINGFIELD – Nearly 60 percent of employees currently working for the governor’s office are paid by state agencies with funds intended for priorities such as economic development, public safety and child protection.

The practice of “offshoring” governors’ payroll costs within state agencies would come to an end under a good-government measure sponsored by Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) that already has garnered bipartisan support among lawmakers. The legislation, called the Truth in Hiring Act, is an initiative of Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza.

“Every time a governor shifts a new, unexpected six-figure salary onto a state agency’s plate, dollars that had been prioritized for important purposes are being diverted to a paycheck instead,” Manar said.

“Governors should understand the importance of being transparent about their expenses. Taxpayers who foot the bill for government, and frankly the lawmakers who determine the appropriations for state agencies, deserve that accountability.”

Offshoring has been utilized by Illinois governors, Democratic and Republican, for years to make it appear their office budgets are smaller than they actually are. Examples of offshoring include paying an education advisor to the governor $250,000 from the Department of Human Services budget or a deputy chief of staff to the governor $140,000 from the Illinois State Police budget.

The most recent payroll data for the state shows that only 44 of 102 employees in Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office are paid from the governor’s budget. The rest – 58 staffers – are hidden in other agencies’ payrolls. If the governor were accurately reporting all the people working in his office, he would have to disclose his office budget is more than $10 million, instead of the $4.9 million budgeted for the current fiscal year.

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