04252018 Manar and Fender

SPRINGFIELD – Senator Andy Manar welcomed Anna Fender, a senior at Decatur’s Eisenhower High School, to the Capitol Wednesday as his senator for the day.

Fender, 18, of Decatur is the daughter of Elizabeth Fender and Michael Fender. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the scholastic bowl team. She participates in service projects with her youth group, and she enjoys reading. Her AP government and politics teacher recommended her for Manar’s senator for the day program.

While at the Capitol, Fender toured the building, accompanied Manar to committee hearings and joined him on the Senate floor for a busy afternoon of debate and votes on key pieces of legislation.

Fender will graduate in May and plans to tour Spain this summer before starting college in Ohio.

Downstate school districts facing severe shortage of substitutes

04252018 ManarSPRINGFIELD – The severe shortage of substitute teachers available in rural and downstate school districts would ease under a measure that was approved by the Illinois Senate Wednesday.

The plan, sponsored by State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill), increases to 120 the number of days a retired teacher can return to the classroom as a substitute without affecting his or her retirement status. Currently, the limit is set at 100 days.

“We have an urgent problem in classrooms all over the state. Not only are school districts struggling to hire full-time teachers, they also can’t find substitutes to fill in when teachers are sick or need to be out of the classroom for training,” Manar said. “Retired teachers – people who already know what to do in a classroom – can help ease the burden on schools if we give them the opportunity to do so.”

Senate Bill 3045 was approved by the Senate with no opposition. The bipartisan measure will go to the House for consideration.

The results of a survey released earlier this year showed that numerous Illinois school districts are experiencing substitute teacher shortages. The survey of more than 500 superintendents was conducted by the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools.

Southern Illinois superintendents’ responses indicated the shortage is more severe there than it is in other parts of the state. The association recommended increasing the number of days and hours retired teachers can work as a way to significantly relieve pressure on schools.

Manar said it’s troubling to hear about schools around the state canceling classes when they are unable to find subs.

“Every time a substitute teacher is available to work, that’s one less school social worker or interventionist a principal has to pull away from their duties to fill in,” he said.

04182018 Manar Elec Coop 1

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Andy Manar welcomed area students to the state Capitol Wednesday for Illinois Electric and Telephone Cooperatives Youth Day, an annual event that connects young people with state government and their elected representatives in Springfield.

“These are the rural leaders of tomorrow,” Manar (D-Bunker Hill) said. “Illinois’ rural cooperatives understand the importance of igniting a passion for public service and problem-solving, because our downstate communities need these young people and their ideas more than ever.”

This is the 59th year Illinois’ electric and telephone cooperatives have sponsored the advocacy day. Nearly 250 students attend each year for a chance to visit the Capitol, meet with their lawmakers and see state government in action.

Manar welcomed area students representing MJM Electric Cooperative in Carlinville. They included Daniel Jarden, Alexis Maguire, Grant Morgan, Allyson O’Malley, Truman Poteat, Olivia Schellingburger and Grace Traylor. They were accompanied by Charlie Peterson. He also welcomed area students representing Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative (RECC) in Auburn. They included Emily Curry, Kyle Dickman, Riley Meredith, Braeden Scheerer, Abbie Simpson and Hailey Winslow. They were accompanied by Jeff Lancaster and Sandy Lex.


04182018 Manar Elec Coop 3 MJM

Pictured from MJM Electric Cooperative: Front row, left to right: Truman Poteat, Grant Morgan, Olivia Schellingburger, State Rep. Avery Bourne, Grace Traylor, Alexis Maguire and Allyson O’Malley. Back row, left to right: Daniel Jarden, Charlie Peterson, State Senator Andy Manar.


04182018 Manar Elec Coop 2 RECC

Pictured from Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative: Front row, left to right: Jeff Lancaster, Emily Curry, Abbie Simpson and Hailey Winslow. Back row, left to right: Kyle Dickman, Braeden Scheerer, State Senator Andy Manar, Riley Meredith and Sandy Lex.

04182018 Manar Solano 650

SPRINGFIELD — Ashley Solano, a senior at Sangamon Valley High School, joined State Senator Andy Manar at the Illinois Capitol as his senator for the day last week.

Solano, 19, of Illiopolis is the daughter of Toshia Solano. She was at the Capitol Wednesday, April 18.

During her visit, Solano toured the building, accompanied Manar to appropriations and labor hearings, and joined him on the Senate floor as lawmakers debated and voted on legislation.

Solano is involved in theater, art and basketball at Sangamon Valley High School. She will graduate in May.

Watch Ashley and Senator Manar discuss her visit to the Capitol, her interest in theater and her plans for the future.


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