Manar HeadshotrSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Andy Manar’s (D–Bunker Hill) legislation aimed at protecting newborn infants from contracting pertussis (whooping cough) and curbing a recent surge of the respiratory infection in Illinois was signed into law on Monday. A gradual and sustained increase in pertussis has occurred in the United States and Illinois in the past several years. In 2012, health care providers reported 2,026 pertussis cases to the Illinois Department of Public Health for the entire year – and increase of nearly 500 reported cases from 2011. Only four months into 2013 and officials from IDPH have already reported approximately 110 cases of pertussis.

“With the recent increase in reported cases of whooping cough, we need to take extra precaution and utilize preventive measures to reduce the number of infants and family members with infants from contracting this sometimes fatal infection,” Manar said. “If something as simple as informing the families of a newborn child about the seriousness of whooping cough can save a life, then we ought to do it.”

•    Senate Bill 1623 requires the parents or guardians of a child in a neonatal intensive care unit – intensive care unit specializing in the care of ill or premature newborn infants – be informed of the significance of parents, guardians and immediate family members being immunized against pertussis (whooping cough) to reduce the chances of the disease being transmitted to the newborn child.

•    Senate Bill 1623 also requires that the parents, guardians and immediate family are informed of the locations where they can receive the appropriate vaccine.

001010813br0213edCrSPRINGFIELD – Aiming to help curb local home foreclosures, State Senator Andy Manar (D–Bunker Hill) and State Representative Sue Scherer (D–Decatur) will be hosting a mortgage relief workshop for local homeowners on August 10.

With assistance from Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation staff, the mortgage relief workshop will offer homeowners an opportunity to lower mortgage costs and to avoid foreclosure.

“The mortgage relief workshop we are hosting on Aug 10 is part of a broader state anti-foreclosure strategy by the Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network to help people who are behind on their mortgages and who are at risk of foreclosure,” Manar said.

Read more: Sen. Manar & Rep. Scherer offer foreclosure prevention help at mortgage relief workshop in Decatur

Manar HB2267 Senate FloorrHastens voluntary school consolidations

SPRINGFIELD – Small school districts looking to consolidate can now accelerate the process by filing a petition, after a law sponsored by State Senator Andy Manar (D–Bunker Hill) was signed into law Friday.

Currently, school districts serving a population of fewer than 5,000 residents have the option to accelerate the school’s reorganization process by dissolving without a referendum vote. House Bill 2267 will allow school districts with fewer than 750 students to take similar advantage of the speedier process of dissolving by filing a petition – a locally driven process.

“There are dozens of low-enrollment schools that didn’t qualify under the old criteria, even though it had very few students,” Manar said. “Tying this process to school enrollment is logical and will save districts looking to consolidate time and money.”

Read more: Manar: New law gives local communities more control over education

Manar GirardrSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Andy Manar (D–Bunker Hill) continues to travel across the 48th District this summer, hosting meetings to discuss state issues with constituents as part of his “Capitol on your Corner” program.

“After wrapping up the spring legislative session in Springfield, I think it is important to spend time with folks from all over the 48th District to hear what’s on their minds and to help me set an agenda for the next legislative session,” said Manar. “I invite everyone to come out and let me know their thoughts on what I should be working on.”

Manar says that direct accountability through meetings in communities across the district is important from small towns to urban neighborhoods that he represents.  

Read more: Manar to host discussions across 48th District for “Capitol on your Corner” summer tour

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